Creatures and Signals
Site-specific performance for Fairlight CMI and mutated animal sounds. 2018
first performance 30.9.2018 Dystopia Sound Art Festival

This work connects concepts of dystopia to animal sounds.
What animals will survive (us) on earth? What beings will they evolve into? Will they develop a new language? Will they communicate with other beings and life forms?
The sounds used originate from benign, seemingly insignificant creatures, namely insects. They are fragile sounds, soft or mutated, distorted, sometimes incorporating a certain electronic quality. The sounds were researched in the vast collection of the Tierstimmenarchiv of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.
Millions of insects and tiny creatures inhabit the earth, most of them undiscovered, some thriving under the most unwelcoming of conditions, many are endangered. The work is based on speculative research on extinct and imagined animals.
These transformed animal voices sound together Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument). The synthesized and sampled sounds of this archaic yet futuristic, ›utopian‹ instrument are reminiscent of animal sounds showing a linguistic quality, very specific, very mysterious, very beautiful. The performance takes advantage of the unique environment of the Teufelsberg listening station - a site that today is characterized by decay and overgrowth.

With kind support by the Tierstimmenarchiv Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (Dr. Karl-Heinz Frommolt).

> audio: Kirsten Reese Creatures and Signals performance Teufelsberg 2018 radio version

> Catalogue Dystopia Festival 2018

Creatures and Signals at Teufelsberg Berlin 2018 © Golo Föllmer, Kirsten Reese