Performance und Composition for Instruments, Mobile Loudspeakers, Balloon Data und Landscape

SoundBalloon took place on Sunday, September 12 2010 in the early morning sun between 7.30 and 9 a.m. in the outskirts of Eisenach, as part of the Festival >> mittendrin (Netzwerk Neue Musik e.V.). SoundBalloon was part of the SoundExpedition, conceived by Daniel Ott, Erwin Stache, Zoro Babel and Enrico Stolzenburg.

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> Sound exerpts

SoundBalloon consists of three parts:

FLOATING MUSIC I A performance for 16 instruments and 16 mobile loudspeakers takes place during the course of the preparation of a hot air balloon flight and the blowing up of the balloon.

ELEVATION MUSIC Then three trumpeters mount the hot air balloon and lift off. They play melodies and chords related to the coordinates (longitude and latitude) of the places they fly over. They also read the landscape beneath them as a score, interpreting it with musical gestures. Their sounds can be heard on the ground, depending on elevation of the balloon and wind direction and intensity.

FLOATING MUSIC II Via radio data from the balloon (elevation and gps - longitude and latitude coordinates) are transmitted to a laptop on the ground. The data is interpreted into MIDI data and then again transmitted individually to the 16 mobile loudspeakers. When the balloon is so far away that the radio contact is interrupted, the electronic music ebbs away.

> Score
> Technical Setup

photos: Elma Riza