Location and Motion Songs Istanbul

A performative soundwalk for headphones and other listening devices. 2019
31.10.-3.11.2019 Distopya Sound Art Festival Istanbul

The walk features field recordings from various locations in Istanbul, historic and invented and imagined sound, as well as composed sounds from transformed music to be experienced while walking through the real soundscape of the streets around the ITU MIAM, to the Besiktas pier and back.

ITU Maçka to Beşiktaş Pier - around 45 - 60 min. roundtrip
Track 1 Welcome, Track 2 Behind ITU Maçka, Track 3 Beşiktaş streets Track 4 Maçka Park - fountain - cable car - trolleys - Taksim, Track 5 Pots and pans and coppersmith, Track 6 Muffled steps, Track 7 Galata Tower, Track 8 Cats (at the fountain), Track 9 Breathing busses, Track 10 Ticket machine song and underwater sound, Track 11 Beşiktaş Pier Song of the ferry, Track12 Kadiköy, Track 13 Back on the other side - Sultanahmet - Hagia Sophia - Galata bridge, Track 14 Tünel, Track 15 Singing with Istiklal, Track 16 Burgazada, Track 17 Hill overlooking the city (Sishane), Track 18 Next station Taksim

> Track 11 Beşiktaş Pier Song of the ferry

Participants of the walk are asked to take photos of sounds "planted" in different locations during the walk: