Abglanz - reflections

for mobile light source und loudspeaker, pattern transparencies, 4-channel-audio. 2006
first performance 23. 9. 2006 Festival Interface, Small water reservoir Berlin

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Abglanz - Reflection from mufordotcom on Vimeo.

Abglanz (in English, 'reflection') refers to the architecture and the symmetrical structure of the small water reservoir in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. The work was developed for this space in 2006. Patterns were derived from the hexagonal floor plan of the reservoir. These patterns form the basis for the visual and acoustic patterns of the performance.
The visual concept follows the idea of 'media without media': netlike structures, which were applied onto transparencies, are projected onto the walls of the reservoir with a focused light source. The alignment of the transperencies in serveral layers results in overlays which lead to an animation effect when the mobile lamp is moved.
In the auditory realm the visual pattern were transformed into many different noise patterns and structures. These are projected into the space with a mobile speaker. Interferences occur through reflections on the many walls of the reservoir and through overlays with sounds that are played through a stationary four-channel loudspeaker system. All sounds are controlled and triggered in realtime by the performer through a game-interface connected to a laptop and a wireless connection to a second computer.
Visual and auditive movement in the space was created by the movement of the performers with the mobile light- and sound sources, by interferences of different sound sources and their reflections, by overlays of the patterns on the transperencies according to the movement of the mobile lamp, and also through the movement of the audience and their changing viewing and listening perspectives.

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