Deckkraft (opacity)

electroacoustic work for the sound dome (47 loudspeakers)
21.10.2011 ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Kubus

I prologue (transport) - II transport - III rooms/playing - IV maschines - V nature/wind/waves (duration 38')

The focus of this composition lies in the superposition of field recordings/found footage. Periodic, recurring patterns in natural and mechanical processes are linked with patterns emerging through media overlay and positioning in space.

My electronic compositions and installations are usually designed for specific performance situations, and I am always particularly interested in the physicality and materiality of sound. The unique Klangdom with its 43 speakers is an ideal instrument in terms of layering of sound and polyphony. The layering of many sound sources results in high density without loss of transparency. In addition, the the arrangement of speakers in a hemisphere creates an unusual listening space focused on hearing sound from above.

Formally, "opacity" consists of small tableaux of merging sound situations. The material used in the piece are own recordings from different countries over the past four years. The composition of this material deals with polyphonic structures in continuous sound flow, with sound movement and massive sound plains, with the relationship between masking and permeability. It is about finding transitions between seemingly similar sound morphologies. It is about different aural perspectives and the projection of large and small spaces in the performance space. It is about algorithmic processes found in technical or natural environments. It is about the inherent dynamics and dramaturgical structures of "field recordings", which can be discovered by chance, or may reveal themselves by selection and puzzle-like assembly.

>> stereophonic version, edited (transport - mschines - nature), 23'