Sound-video-installation for a wave field synthesis array (20 loudspeakers) and video.
Oct. 20-22, 2006 Donaueschinger Musiktage.

Hallenfelder (hall-fields) uses both recordings of nine community halls (function halls, gymnasiums etc.) where concerts and installations take place during the annual festival Donaueschinger Musiktage, as well as recordings of events not related to the festival that take place in these halls during the rest of the year. Both the 'silent' sounds of the empty halls and the 'active' sounds from communal activities are played back in one of the documented halls via a wavefieldsynthesis system of twenty loudspeakers positioned in a row.
The installation relates to previous site-specific work (e.g. Contained, 2002). The atmosphere of the empty spaces, their animated silence was captured and transformed. Moreover, the 'aura' of empty rooms appears to come from what has already taken place in the space and what might take place in the future. Thus, moments of acoustic and visual recordings taken from various events in the halls were interspersed across the work. Audio and video are often not syncronized so that sound and image flit either across the projection screen or the loudspeakers in a quasi-ghostlike manner. The focus of the work is not the reproduction of reality but rather its intensification. The use of wavefieldsythesis emphasizes the spatialisation of sounds and allows a play with acoustic illusions and changing listening perspectives.

DVD available on request from the artist

Videostills Hallenfelder