Interactive audiovisual installation for computer, webcam, headphones, drawings.
17. - 25. 6. 2006 exhibition
Stille Post, Neue Galerie der Karl Hofer Gesellschaft,
Oberschöneweide / Berlin

Lullabies is an interactive audiovisual installation. By "reading" drawings with a webcam the audience is able to change the parameters of the sounds/music. The software reacts to light and dark - to the black lines of the drawings - in a small part of the picture. The sounds are synthesized in real-time - as synthesized sounds they are "artificial", but for me they are also physical and material (like procedures in the brain when falling asleep). The interaction by the user changes the sounds only subtly, but it allows to focus and "listen into" the sounds.

> sound sample 1
> sound sample 2
> sound sample 3