Postkartengeflüster - Whispering postcards

Interactive installation for computer, webcam, headphones, postcards. Software: Max/Msp/Jitter.
20.3.2006 Cité des Arts Paris.

Whispering postcards
is an interactive installation. The user moves a webcam across a photo-postcard and in doing so influences the sounds heard through headphones. Each photo has a matching soundfile: a recording of the place seen on the postcard. The monitor shows an enlarged image of the postcard. When the camera is moved, the sounds are filtered according to the intensity of colours in a line in the middle of the monitor. The users can thus 'zoom' in on a place acoustically and visually.
Whispering postcards was developed in 2006 for an exhibition in the Cité des Arts in Paris. The postcards and field recordings come from the area around the exhibition space in the III. arrondissement of Paris. The postcards show well-known places much visited by tourists. The recordings focus on specific acoustic features of a place which sound interesting when they are filtered through the application.

Sound samples

> Pompidou (exhibition Los Angeles)
> Institut du Monde Arabe
> Notre Dame (tuning of the organ)