sound installation in the Freiraum of Lentos Museum Linz. 2023
as part of the exhibition "Haus-Rucker-Co. Atemzonen"
6.10. 2023 - 25.2.2024 Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz


As part of the exhibition the artist Kirsten Reese has created a sound installation in the Lentos open area, which is the result of a profound engagement with the work of this group of artists and architects. The contrast between natural and artificial living spaces, which Haus-Rucker-Co have increasingly addressed since the 1970s, and the importance of our atmosphere as a protective shell - one that is itself deserving of protection - form essential starting points for Reese's composition.

Exhibition „Haus-Rucker-Co. Atemzonen“:
The Haus-Rucker-Co group (1967 - 1992), whose artistic output lies at the interface between art and architecture, are considered one of the most important voices in the Austrian post-war avant-garde. Their seminal work transcended the boundaries of traditional genres and invoked a marriage of art and life. The issues addressed by Haus-Rucker-Co, such as mounting environmental degradation, illustrate the relevance of their work that has persisted to this day. .