Spring Bluff
2-channel electroacoustic composition. 2010
5.11. - 19.12.2010 Geluidpost @ Lokaal 01, Breda, Niederlande

The piece is made exclusively from field recordings made in Australia during three stays over the last four years (with a few dashes of digital noises of recording devices). The recordings are not processed. The focus lies on the relationship between natural and technical sounds found in the environment (crickets/cicadas, lawn mower, water dam, birds, city back yard at night, power plant, outback shed, coal train, level-crossing signals ...).
What interests me: evolving rhythmic patterns in environmental sound, blending of environmental sounds creating texture and spatiality, repetition - variation, the 'mystery' of a field recording (unaccountable small sounds and noises), how the vastness and ancientness of the Australian landscape reflects in the recordings etc. etc.

Composed 2010 for Geluidpost @ Lokaal 01. Thank you to Ludo and Sander.

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