Vexierklang Hardenstein

Parcours with loudspeakers, performers, weir noise, forest and castle refections. 2011
6. - 8.5.2011 Castle Hardenstein, Herbede, Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik, Wittener Festival for Contemporary Chamber Music

A sound installation and performance located at the ruins of the castle Hardenstein with over 30 small loudspeakers. Transformed voices and electronic sounds reflect from the walls of the ruins and from the forest. The sounds are derived from processed sounds based on the legend of Goldemar, an invisibe dwarf who lived on the castle in the 14th century. All voices and sounds were made from interviews with Witteners and recordings at the location.

"...Kirsten Reese created this audio parcours, which is exquisitely sensuous, opens all senses and resonantes in the imagination for a long time..."
Jörn Florian Fuchs, DeutschlandRadio Fazit, 8.5.2011

> audio: 15-minute stereo version

> video on VIMEO

Fotos: Christian Dietz, Ingrid Schreiber