Wirbligen Signale

Procession for trumpets, french horns, trombones and mobile loudspeakers/ loudspeaker performers. 2007
First performance Nachtschicht, Festival Rümlingen 24./25.8.2007, Commission of MusikFabrik

Wirbligen Signals was composed for Festival Rümlingen's Nachtschicht (Night Shift), an event which lasted from sunset to sundawn of the 24th/25th of August 2007. The twelve musicians and loudspeaker performers moved in a procession following orange signs which marked an underground gas line crossing the area where the festival took place. On their way, the performers climbed the mountain Wirbligen in the centre of the festival site. Musicians and loudspeakers played signal-like sequences which were derived from high frequency signals stored on the internet by radio transmission amateurs and fans. The procession, the gas line, the linear flow of the audible signals all stand for paths, pipelines, symbolic sequences etc. that cross our world in visible and invisible, audible and inaudible ways. The musical signals of the instrumental and electronic composition can be associated with hunting signals as the traditional signals of a landscape with forests and hills.

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