Satin Bowerbird/modules
interactive solar powered sound object and CD for a drawer in the 'White Cube No.1 "expand"', a wooden container that includes the work of 10 artists from various artistic disciplines.

Five objects with very basic electric circuits: condensors, resistors, piezos, solar cells, logic chips.
The modules react to changes in light conditions.
Thus, in the darkness of the cube drawer they remain silent.
When light hits the solar cells, electronic sound patterns emenate, sometimes as soft but nevertheless piercing peeps, sometimes as muffled electronic scratching sounds.
The objects can be taken out of the drawer and the loudspeakers (piezos) and solar panels distributed in the room to expose the modules to changing light and movement.
A composition with the sounds from the modules is included on the CD.

> Audio bowerbird/module (extract) 2:41

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